Manufacturers’ Representative Company & Electrical Solutions


We are industrial automation experts who come from systems integrators and electrical field service.
Increasing sales by offering best solutions to end users is what we do.


Why Accelerate (XLR8) Equipment Sales and Solutions?

Your company has no fixed overhead by utilizing our company. We are paid commissions when your products, solutions, or services sell. When there are no sales, there is no expense incurred. When a company hires salaried salespeople in North America, it must pay salaries, Social Security taxes, and fringe benefits, regardless of sales performance. Hiring our company entails no such costs.

With over 30 years of experience providing progressive solutions, we bring the best designs to our clients. We have the successful track-record of launching new products, related electrical equipment, integrated system solutions, and related services in North America. We’ve solved some of the most difficult and challenging applications with turnkey, innovative electrical solutions in every business sector.

We are a manufactures’, systems integrator, custom fabrication representative focused on improving our client’s operational efficiency. Some of our services provide customer interface for Equipment Sales, Systems Integration, Data Acquisition, RF Engineering, Turn-Key Automation Solutions as well as many other services that enable our clients to be successful in their business activities. We excel in integrating proprietary solutions and standards for clients as well.
We propose your company, to achieve its goals of increasing equipment sales and related solutions in North America, engage our companies’ services to meet its sales goals and beyond.

Our clients include equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, distributors, and beyond.

Contact us today and let’s see if we can help your company XLR8 its sales and solutions offered.